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This site present information on Zionism and Israel from the personal Zionist perspective. It is not the view of one person, but rather seeks to provide multiple views and stories, each from the personal perspective. Where possible we are working with existing organisations to collect essays and run competitions.

The first major competion for this site is being run by the Six Day War Project.

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For those with pictures of Israel, check out www.israelandme.com.

Israel and the Jewish people

The extremely rare Blue Butterfly

Not only does Israel have a place for every Jew, more significantly, every Jew has a place in which Israel fits within their life. For some this is in prayer, for some this is cultural, others see a home away from home. To many Israel is a refuge, from Holocaust survivors stuck in displaced person camps when no one wanted to take them in, to the Jews of Ethiopia, Russia and the Arab states. Israel is a home land, a safety net, a spiritual and cultural center and a historic land that contains all of the most holy sites in Judaism most notable the Temple mount.

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